Saturday | August 24 | 2019
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There are same rights for everyone….
But not everyone has a real opportunity to get the desired.
NGI Group has the ability to give you what you really need.
We operate in the following business segments: GR, investments, gas & oil complex, agriculture, commodities, finance, recycling, IT, construction, tourism, medicine.

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  • More oil companies hedging
    Bloomberg reports that more oil companies are hedging their production for 2016 and 2017 at today’s prices, not gambling on hopes for a stronger price rally. Locking in sales at $40 to $50 will hurt if the markets rally much higher, but it will protect companies from downside risk. And after a false rally in 2015, oil producers are not taking any risks.
  • The natural gas rally
    Natural gas prices are on a tear, and every small dip is being aggressively bought by the traders. Technically, the current rally should rise to the next resistance level of $2.95/MMBtu, but do the fundamentals justify the rise? The latest U.S. Energy Information Administration’s Natural gas weekly update reports a drop in production in all the seven shale-producing regions. The production is 1 percent below last year, averaging 73 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d). However, drilling is likely to increase with a sharp rise in natural gas prices.
  • The Russia-China energy cooperation
    Trade between Russia and China in the first quarter of the year grew 3.6 percent on the year, to $14.2 billion. A senior CNPC official has confirmed that the company is interested in buying a stake in Russia’s biggest oil company, Rosneft. Gazprom Neft, another energy giant, has been selling its crude to China in exchange for yuan rather than dollars since last year. Russia and China have similar political priorities, which basically boil down to a greater international influence that would support economic sustainability.
  • Leaders of NGI Group participated in the meeting of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
    In presence of HIH Grand Duke of Russia George Romanoff (BLCC Russia Honorary President) and by HE Ambassadors, among 450 business and community leaders, the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia hosted its 3th Annual Meeting & 2nd anniversary Gala-reception on Monday, March 21 at CCI RF Congress Center. Presenting sponsors included LUKOIL, RCB BANK, AGC, SOLVAY, LHOIST, ZIEGLER, GOSSELIN GROUP, BRUSSELS AIRLINES, PAIN QUOTIDIEN and SUN INBEV.

    The Belgium–Luxembourg Economic Union, abbreviated to BLEU, is an economic and monetary union between Belgium and Luxembourg, two countries in the Benelux economic union.

    The primary activity of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russian Federation:
    • Presentation of the target market figures and trends.
    • List of brands and products present on the Russian market.
    • List of players already on the market, and presentation of the distribution of existing products on the market.
    • Contact list of distributors / potential customers for your products in Russia.
    • Complete list of related to your field of activity and features exhibitions.
    • Recommendations and tips to enter the Russian market.

    The NGI Group plans to open an office in Brussels to promote Russian products of oil refining and gas.