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NGI Group is export and investment consultant to Russia.
We are organizing the supply of raw materials from Russia.
We assist in trading of commodities.

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Services rendered to Russian and foreign participants of foreign economic activity:

  • Support and mediation at the conclusion of foreign trade contracts;
  • Assist in the implementation of investment plans of Russian and foreign entrepreneurs looking for investors
  • Promote the development of foreign trade contracts;
  • Vetting of counterparties;
  • Search of potential partners abroad on export-import operations for the enterprises of Russia;
  • Search of business partners for the sale of goods and services of the enterprises of Russia in the foreign market;
  • Consulting on general issues of declaration of export and import goods;
  • Consultations on joint ventures with foreign partners;
  • Provide contact information for foreign companies, embassies and trade missions of the Russian Federation abroad;
  • Preparation and drafting of the offer, harmonization of conditions of foreign trade transactions, business correspondence and negotiations in English/German;
  • Assistance in conducting commercial negotiations on the conditions of foreign trade transactions with foreign partners in English/German

NGI offers a complete chain of global commodities brokerage services. One of the main directions of modernization of the Russian economy is the development of new projects in foreign economic activity. The new IT-technology trading and exchange rate of the ruble against foreign currencies have created unique opportunities for exports commodities from Russia and the EAEC. NGI Group is a private diversified Russian group, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and the Trade Representation of Russia in the 37 countries implementing the promotion of Russian commodities. NGI Group provides the signing of direct contracts at the lowest prices on the supply of natural gas pipelines, petroleum products, lumber and agricultural products. Our competence - its foreign trade activities. We are interested in the opening of the joint venture in your country for the implementation of foreign trade activities (export/import). If your company has the experience, financial condition and customer base, please send an official request by We are interested in seeing energy and commodities supplies at competitive prices. NGI Group is strategically developing its natural gas activities to reflect the growing globalization of the gas market. We are interested in developing relations with private companies to open joint venture on the territory of the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium. We plan to create a private company - a trader for the procurement and sale the natural gas wholesale market supply and petroleum products for municipal, industrial and commercial applications. End users of the joint venture may be:

  • industrial plants and factories;
  • regional and municipal power plant;
  • private enterprises;
  • the food processing and food production plants;
  • enterprises that are part of the car industry clusters;
  • enterprise tourist and hotel industry;
  • private companies - traders that supply products to Europe and having a client base of end users.

If you have a strong customer base of utilities and large industrial consumers in Europe, then we may have a fruitful cooperation. Our competence combined with trading insights enable us to support customers with a range of individually tailored cross-commodity transactions, trade finance products and risk management services. We provide legal and consulting services in the procurement of natural gas pipeline on DDU CEGH Baumgarten, Austria. With the NGI Platform offers an internet-based IT-system providing our business customers with an online-tool for the management of business transactions. Please register online by completing the signup form .The registration is free of charge. To discuss your requirements, please send (on official letterhead) a formal letter of intent (LOI) the email address It enables our customers to receive corresponding offers and contracts online.

PLEASE NOTE: Our staff is always happy to assist you via email. We do not provide phone support. We reserve the right not to respond to the appeal without explanation if we have some doubts about the prospects of cooperation. Please read the DISCLAIMER NGI Group. To receive our offers, you can install the NGI mobile app.