Thursday | April 9 | 2020
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We innovate, we develop and stay committed.
Open the door to a new world of financial opportunities.
NGI Group offering specialized services in сapital raising, mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance.
It consolidated the experience accumulated over many years by working for industrial groups and markets in Russia.


Associates partners NGI Group (Investment Banks, Private Equity Funds, business angels, private investors) offering specialized services in Capital Raising, Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate finance. This is an interesting experience in conceptualization, evaluation, structuring & closing deals across various sectors in Russian market professionals from top-management. This specializes in offering tailor-made solutions with direct approach to financial and insurance institutions as well as in cooperating with renowned international technology providers that fully meet the requirements and needs of customers in the realization of medium to large scale projects. Aspirations NGI Group focused on total customer satisfaction and meet their expectations, finding the best innovative compliant financial services at regional and international levels. NGI Group gives you easy access to investments which offer market protection and high return potential. Our customized management services of direct investments, NGI platforms and a range of alternative investments to make investment easy. We are committed to enhance our business capabilities as an international financial and investment group, exploiting all elements of success in the financial and investment markets, including:

  • Expanding to new markets, new business sectors
  • Benefiting from modern technology
  • Creating new products
  • Improving returns
  • Optimizing costs

NGI Group offers smart investing opportunities for everyone. Our services include portfolio management, access to a range of alternative investment strategies and trading platforms. NGI consulting - attraction of investment loans, promotion and support of investment projects, matching of investors, import of the equipment. Please register online by completing the signup form registration is free of charge.To discuss your requirements, please send (on official letterhead) a formal letter of intent the email address It enables our customers to receive corresponding offers and contracts online.

PLEASE NOTE: Our staff is always happy to assist you via email. We do not provide phone support. We reserve the right not to respond to the appeal without explanation if we have some doubts about the prospects of cooperation. Please read the DISCLAIMER NGI Group. To receive our offers, you can install the NGI mobile app.