Thursday | April 9 | 2020
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Russia is one of the world's biggest consumer market opportunities with the growth for import.
Find Russian importers, distributors or business assets to build your exports or invest in setting up an
operation in Russia. Turn to us when you need to arrange the delivery of your products to major Russian
retailers (FMCG). Develop your supply chain.


Services provided to foreign participants of foreign economic activity:

  • Consultations on foreign trade activities in the Russian Federation, at the conclusion of export-import contracts;
  • Harmonization of conditions of foreign trade transactions and correspondence and negotiations with Russian partners in English/German;
  • Assistance in conducting commercial negotiations on the conditions of foreign trade transactions with local partners;
  • Assistance and mediation in conclusion, conducting and support of foreign trade contracts in English/German;
  • Consultations on joint activities with partners from Russia;
  • Search in Russia Business partners export-import operations;
  • Advice and assistance on investment in the economy of Russia;
  • The establishment and development of relations with the business community in Russia, negotiations and business correspondence in English/German;
  • Conducting business meetings, presentations and representations of foreign companies in Russia;
  • Providing targeted information about companies located in the Russia.
  • Facilitate accreditation of representative offices of foreign companies in the Russia

NGI Group – a corporate advisory assistant for businesses that want to export, source, invest and acquire assets in Russia. Whether you want to start or grow your business, we provide management and resources to make your project succeed. Our experienced project managers will save your time, money travel and the stress of management. You don't need to recruit anyone. We help our clients export to Russia through agents, distributors, importers, wholesalers, dealers and to set up local sales operations. You don't need to recruit anyone. You get a ready made team. We are to support to start and improve operations in Russia. We have a unique database management system to turn import data from the Russian Customs Service into usable information. We can analyze every shipment made to Russia in a year for a given HS Code. We help our clients with a variety of routes to market, setting up fully functional sales and service operations, acquiring businesses and making new investments in logistics, warehouses, light assembly workshops and plants.

With the NGI Platform offers an internet-based IT-system providing our business customers with an online-tool for the management of business transactions. Please register online by completing the signup form The registration is free of charge. To discuss your requirements, please send (on official letterhead) a formal letter of intent (LOI) the email address It enables our customers to receive corresponding offers and contracts online.

PLEASE NOTE: Our staff is always happy to assist you via email. We do not provide phone support. We reserve the right not to respond to the appeal without explanation if we have some doubts about the prospects of cooperation. Please read the DISCLAIMER NGI Group. To receive our offers, you can install the NGI mobile app.