Thursday | April 9 | 2020
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The main objectives of the NGI Group are:
Support for investment projects,
Ready business sales / share in the business / project,
Attraction of direct investments to the development of oil and gas fields, construction of LNG plants, refineries.


The Group relies on the ability of intergovernmental commissions and working groups in the developing of relations in the field of energy, economy, investment and international trade. The development of oil and gas fields in cooperation with foreign investors for the organization of production and processing - one of the perspective directions which is in active work now. It allows you to schedule the delivery of energy to customers all over the world. We focus in sectors where we have real experience. We collaborate with investment professionals which have selected experience all over the world. Advice on financing for more effective results and identification of commercially viable projects by using marketing researches and communications with government structures. We have a portfolio of assets that offer an entry strategy to the Russian market by acquisition or joint venture, for your mergers and acquisitions team to review. We also have a portfolio of businesses and property assets for sale. The list includes construction and large residential projects, dairy farms, winery, shopping malls, oil wells and refinery. Access to these can get you into business in Russia quickly.

NGI's general plan of major strategic goals and objectives includes:
Creation of joint ventures with private capital
Keeping on regional and international expansion
Creation of joint ventures with public and private capital (PPP)
Forming a series of future strategic alliances with a number of regional and global economic entities
Keeping on enhancing the group's potentials to turn into a multi sector global investment organization
Joining governmental infrastructure projects (built-in-operate-transfer) and focusing on distinguished local and global investment opportunities