Thursday | April 9 | 2020
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There are same rights for everyone….
But not everyone has a real opportunity to get the desired.
NGI Group has the ability to give you what you really need.
We operate in the following business segments: GR, investments, gas & oil complex, agriculture, commodities, finance, recycling, IT, construction, tourism, medicine.

Welcome to the Alternative.


Сonfidentially and personal approach…

Medical tourism

Medical/health tourism, diagnosis and treatment abroad are becoming more and more popular. Our leading clinical-partners is located in India, Germany, Israel, Thailand, Belgium.Our clinical partners provide medical services (VIP treatment) in the field of extracorporeal fertilization, cosmetic/esthetic surgery, uvenology, immortology, cardiology, endocrinology.

Sport tourism

Professional sports training at the resorts and exotic islands: functional training, yoga and detoxification, fitness, body weight reduction


Luxury tourism/leisure 

We offer VIP services in Ibiza to make your stay an amazing experience. Best luxury hotels, villas and restaurants,  luxury cars, private planes and yacht charters, VIP nightclub tickets can be booked for you.


Contact us and let us know your needs we will offer you a solution.